Beres Hammond Releases ‘Never Ending’ New Album

Listen to Beres Hammond's new album 'Never Ending,' a heartfelt project which includes 14 songs about love and life.

Beres Hammond Drops New Album 'Never Ending'

dropped his new album named “Never Ending” on October 12.

The crooner’s new project includes 14 songs about love and life.

The LP sees features from Beres Hammond’s longtime recording studio partners; Willie Lindo, Kirk Bennett, Handel Tucker, Errol ‘Flabba’ Carter, Leroy & David Heywood aka “Mafia & Fluxy,” Winston ‘Bopee’ Bowen, Dean Fraser and Robbie Lyn among others.

First single, “I’m Alive” is a 21st century ‘roots’ track. With Beres singing praises for life’s simple and essential joys. Second single, “Land of Sunshine,” an ode to Jamaica, is a classic Beres production with smooth harmonies, jazzy instrumentation and heartfelt lyrics.

Stream Beres Hammond new album “Never Ending.”

Many other topics are explored on “Never Ending” but one topic that Beres Hammond has proven to be an expert of, given his many years in the business, is love. There is no shortage of love songs on this project and the lineup is sure to garner a new favorite or two for fans of Beres’ classic catalog.

During a recent interview with the Reggae Girl About Town, Beres Hammond spoke about all the singles released so far, including the rousing “Land of Sunshine” and “My Kinda Girl.”

If you ever wondered exactly what Beres’ type of girl is, Reshma B got the answer in this wide-ranging heart-to-heart conversation.

Beres and RGAT also spoke about the song “I’m Alive,” which prompted some interested reflections on the artist’s legacy.

Peep footage from the interview!

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