Drake's baby mother Sophie Brussaux slams troll who demands photos of their son Adonis Graham.

’s baby mama, , is not playing with Internet trolls when they attempt to mess with their son, Adonis Graham.

The couple, who have yet to post a picture of their son’s full face, indicated that they intend on keeping their baby out of the public’s eye.

After Drake released his double album “Scorpion,” where he confessed that Adonis is his son, Sophie took to Instagram to talk about her passion for sculpting.

The former adult movie star shared an eye-popping picture of her latest creation, and one fan had to audacity not only to demand a photo of baby Adonis but to mock her work.

“How about we do a deal, you show us Adonis, and I’ll pretend to care about your sculptures,” user told Drake’s former fling.

It didn’t take much time for Sophie to get the message before clapping back.

“How about that deal: you unfollow so you don’t have to see my sculptures, bc I won’t expose my son to internet weirdos 🙂 have a good day sir,” voluptuous model responded.

Drake's Baby Mama Sophie Brussaux Slams Troll Who Wants Photos Of Son Adonis

Apparently, Drake’s fans also want Sophie and baby Adonis to be left alone.

“People need to leave Sophie alone for real… It’s not her fault she got dragged into all this. It’s Drake’s fault, not hers. I’m respectfully not a huge fan of Drake, but it doesn’t call for people ambushing the mother of his child and using music as a way to personally attack people. Just like any human being, she wants her privacy, and it should be respected. Everyone on social media who are bothering her over her child is assholes and need to pay more attention to their own lives. Don’t let the music get the best of you, and just leave innocent people alone. #socialmediaisevil. Let Drake, Sophie and Adonis live,” one user commented.

“Sophie you’re right there definitely is way too many internet weirdos but his real fans undoubtedly want to see him & we love him bc he’s Drake’s child so maybe he’ll post him someday,” another expressed.

“Dear Sophie … You are beautiful and so talented I hope you don’t pay mind to negative people on social media if they don’t pay your bills, provide food, etc …. their opinions mean absolute nothing, focus on our career and your lil boy … God Bless Flourish Hunni,” a user wrote.

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