Drake Gifts Jennifer Lopez With US$100,000 Necklace

Drake dropped $100,000 on a platinum and diamond Tiffany Victoria necklace for Jennifer Lopez.

Drake Buys Jennifer Lopez $100,000 Necklace

Canadian rapper appears to really be in love with new boo .

It is being reported that Drake gave J.Lo a US$100,000 platinum necklace as a gift.

Reports says the 6 God have J. Lo the platinum Tiffany Victoria necklace on New Year’s Eve. The said necklace is speculated to be the same necklace J. Lo is wearing in a picture posted to Instagram on January 2.

Rumours of the couple dating have been swirling since December of last year when the posted a photo of the cozying up to each other over the bygone holiday period.

Drakes on and off ex, , even went as far as unfollowing J. Lo who she formally called iconic and an idol.

Since then, both Drake and J. Lo have been seen attending each other’s shows over the Christmas period and have been seen displaying their affection for each other publicly.

Drake and J. Lo have also made a collaboration in the studio and has filmed an accompanying music video for the single.

Though all signs and clues lead to the obvious conclusion, that they are in fact a couple, they themselves have not yet confirmed.

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