Rihanna and Drake are ready to make things extra official: they're getting married!

and are back together and talking about marriage and having kids together, according to new reports.

The couple is already getting ready to tie the knot and apparently has finalized the venue for their big event.

“They’ve been talking about marriage for a while, and Rihanna has been gushing about becoming ‘Mrs. Graham,”an insider told Life and Style Magazine.

Sources reveal to Life & Style that the couple is busy planning a wedding in her native Barbados.

“They want to fly guests in via private jet, they’re looking into holding the ceremony at the Sandy Lane Hotel, which is the most exclusive place on the island,” the source revealed.

Drake And Rihanna Are Getting Married In Barbados

Drake, 29, is more anxious than the 28-year-old beauty when it comes to walking down the aisle, a source told Life & Style.

“He wants to make sure that Rihanna has the biggest rock in showbiz, and that their wedding happens ASAP,” the source revealed.

Rihanna is reportedly keen to become a mother. Ever since she got close to her niece, the desire for motherhood has become quite intense.

“Rihanna really has the mommy urge, and Drake is completely on board with the idea, they’ve talked about how cute their kids would be. They know they’ll be forever linked if they have a child, and they are ok with that,” a source told Inquisitr.

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