Drake allegedly dissed Alkaline for Popcaan following homosexual claims from the "Fleek" deejay.

Canadian crooner allegedly tweeted a jab at artiste , according to reports.

It is being circulated on social media and entertainment sites that Drake addressed the “Champion Boy” deejay in a tweet amid the feud between and Alkaline.

“I know a battery name Alkaline not a person #unruly”

However, the screenshot of the so-called tweet appears to be doctored and that the “6 God” made no such tweet defending former Gaza member, Popcaan.

Dancehall fans went into a frenzy following the unconfirmed reports.

Alkaline recently released diss track, “Microwave,” directed at Popcaan, and it went viral, with many Dancehall fans suggesting that the “World Cup” deejay’s career has been demolished.

The song made reference to Drake’s gifting of a Range Rover Evoque to “We Still A Win” deejay, referring to Drake as Popcaan’s man, and that he was also gifted a box of tampons.

Popcaan, who previously released “Stray Dog,” has yet to respond to Alkaline latest diss tracks “Microwave” and “Death to Microwave”.

Dancehall fans have began to create memes with some questioning the “Ova Dweet” deejay for not replying in a swift manner.

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