Elephant Man's baby-mother saves son as she is sprayed with bullets.

artiste ’s baby mother, Shamar Grant, was reportedly murdered while protecting her son at their home off Cedar Valley Road, St Andrew, Jamaica earlier this week.

According to reports, Grant was shot multiple times as she laid in bed with her 13-year-old son at their home in Cedar Valley Road in St Andrew on Monday, Oct. 3.

Unknown assailants opened fire on Grant through an open window at about 3:20 a.m.

Community members professed her love for her son and that she protected him, even up until her dying moment.

“‘Ratty’ love har son to death, mi a tell yuh … . Him a go turn 14 on October 22.

Him tell wi say when him mother get the first shot, she shub him offa di bed and tell him say, ‘Stay behind mi’,” a friend said.

According to Grant’s uncle, Conroy Pinnock, she was a loving individual who didn’t cause any trouble. Therefore, he remains staggered as to why someone would want to harm his niece.

There was a cloud of gloom over the entire community yesterday as members gathered and looked on while songs such as ’s “Gone Away” and ’s “Lose a friend” were being played.

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