Fan Accused Usain Bolt’s Girl Kasi Bennett Of Photoshopping

Usain Bolt's girlfriend Kasi Bennett gets blasted online for allegedly "photoshopping" her face on Instagram.

Fan Accused Usain Bolt's Girl Kasi Bennett Of Photoshopping

’s girlfriend has been accused of photoshopping her face.

recently took to Instagram to flaunt her fabulous figure in a simple chic outfit while qouting the lyrics of Nicki Minaj’s new track “Sir” featuring Future.

“Pretty gang, sir, pretty gangster, ” she captioned her photograph.

An online fan, however, claimed that the Marketing Director made modifications to her looks.

“But look at the pic, look at her face, you’re telling me homegirl couldn’t do a better job at Photoshopping her face?” the user asked, before adding, “I thought she had all the top apps to make her look flawless, this is some grade school level photoshop, lol. And for a person who’s the “girlfriend” of a billionaire she looks regular and cheap.”

Kasi Bennet has yet to respond to the allegations, but her hardcore fans chimed in to defend her.

“What is wrong with how she is dressing??? She looks quite casual and relax to me. I hope you look like a billionaire every damn second of the day. Some things that you all worry about is just mind boggling.,” one user wrote.

“What the f*ck you talking about? Clearly you don’t know shit about Kasi!!!!! She been have her money before Usain. She has her own apartment in Kingston, she has a brand new car that he just bought her recently plus she has her marketing business!!!!” another expressed.

“Kasi is just a simple girl, you can tel shes comfy and relaxed 99% of the time… You have nothing going on in your own damn life so you reaching deep,” one added.

Meanwhile, Kasi Bennett’s sprint legend boyfriend revealed that he’s stunned after being handed a drug testing notice despite retiring from athletics and having no professional contract as he bids to launch a football career in Australia.

The 100m world record-holder quitted athletics last year and is yet to be offered a deal by Australia’s Central Coast Mariners, where he is currently on trial.

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