Fans Slam Spice Over ‘Botched Butt’ In Booty Shaking Video

Spice sends fans into a frenzy after sharing booty shaking competition with her dancers online. Watch the video!

Has had plastic surgery on her rare-end?

There have been numerous rumors of the artist undergoing buttock augmentation to achieve a curvy figure.

On Thursday morning, several fans blasted the “Indicator” deejay after she shared a raunchy video clip featuring herself and her #SpiceTeam dancers.

In the video clip, the Jamaican entertainer and her girls can be seen gyrating their waisteline.

Peep the footage with Spice and her dancers getting wild in the bush!

Spice’s buttocks was the center of attention, and as such, fans chimed in, expressing their disapproval.

“#botchedbutt Spice its obviously unnatural,” a user wrote.

“Ur ass looks like Kim Kardashian’s Spice #FAKE,” one charged.

However, not all the comments were negative as some fans celebrated Spice’s body.

“Her booty fake but it move betta than most daz real 💯💯💯,” one user commented.

“I love me some Spice too and idk if Spice butt is fake so I can’t speak on that but I love how they are comparing her butt to Cardi B butt. Guess they don’t know that Cardi B admitted to getting butt shots. So even a fake ass can move,” another added.

Spice is yet to confirm or deny the surgery rumors.

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