Fetty Wap ex-lover Alexis Skyy accusses the "Trap Queen" rapper of allegedly leaking their sextape.

Hip Hop artiste is being accused by his ex-girlfriend of leaking a tape of them performing sexual acts.

Alexis Sky has sent out a cease and desist letter to Fetty Wap following the leak.

The Instagram model is accusing Fetty Wap or someone near him of leaking the tape.

The sextape is readily available online thus Sky has also resorted to taking legal actions to prevent the spread of the video.

When asked about the release of the sextape, she told the media:

“It was released by someone gaining access to the materials through him, with or without his knowledge.”

Fetty Wap has fired back by stating that she was in fact the probable source of the video to garner attention.

She subsequently went on the radio show the Breakfast Club to profess her innocence, stating that her only focus is her family and her business.

She also accused the “Trap Queen” singer of having other sextape of women he used to date.

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