Ishawna recently talked about her split from Foota Hype, accusing him of beating, abusing and cheating on her in their 9 years relationship.

Ishawna accused Foota Hype of Physical Assault

Onstage: “Foota beat me in front my child” – tells her side of the story

singer Ishawna recently talked about her split from , accusing him of beating, abusing and cheating on her during their 9-years-long relationship.

She claimed that Foota Hype beat her in-front of their child, while she was scared to leave him.

Celebrity Couple Ishawna And Foota Hype Split With No Bad Vibes (Photos)

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However, she told reporters that she has received the courage to leave before their so-called engagement late last-year.

She said that that she did not wanted to shame him during his proposal at his own event.

The Jamaican female singjay also claimed that Foota Hype is slandering her name and that her recent songs are not necessarily aiming at him.

Ishawna admitted to having sex with ‘Skatta’ during difficult times

Check out the two interviews with Foota Hype and Ishawna with Onstage host Winford Williams!

Video: Foota Hype Talks Ishawna Break Up Drama
Video: Ishawna Talks Foota Hype Break Up Drama

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