Reggae icon Frankie Paul has passed away.

singer , whose real name is Paul Blake, has died.

The sad news was confirmed by Paul’s son, Anthony Dixon, who posted a picture of him and his dad to Facebook expressing sadness due to the passing of his father.

The Jamaican veteran artist passed away at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Jamaica on Thursday (May 18), after dealing with various health issues.

The 51-year-old reggae crooner had been in the hospital since April of this year, where it was revealed that he was suffering from severe kidney problems and facing difficulty with his mounting medical bills.

Tisha Clarke, Frankie Paul’s sister, said the official time of death was 11:59 p.m. on Thursday. The cause of death was listed as sepsis, which is “the presence of bacteria (bacteremia), other infectious organisms, or toxins created by infectious organisms in the bloodstream, which spread throughout the body.”

Frankie Paul’s hospital bill was $1.4 million, according to the Jamaica Gleaner. Clarke said the final figure is to be determined, as the cost was about $60,000 per day.

Frankie Paul, who lived in The Gambia, Africa, will be buried in Jamaica. Stating that a date would be announced in due course, his sister is determined that the singer will be given a good send-off.

“He was feeling a lot of pain. Where he is, there is no more pain. We want to make him feel good going down,” Clarke said.

Since news broke of his death, social media has been flooded with tributes from fans and fellow industry acts including David Rodigan, Mr. Vegas, Tanto Metro and Wayne Lonesome.

The iconic singer, who rose to prominence in the 1980’s, was affectionately dubbed the Jamaican ‘Stevie Wonder’ due to being born blind, but would later gain small visual capacity following an eye operation.

Frankie ‘’ Paul was part of the computerized age of Jamaican popular music, evident in many of his popular songs, including “Casanova,” “Head to Toe,” “Sarah” and “Shame Dem,” which are collected on the album, “King Jammys Presents the Best of Frankie Paul.”

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