The mother of veteran reggae singer Freddie McGregor is dead. The singer is said to be deeply distraught at his mother's passing.

Freddie McGregor mother is Dead

Freddy McGregor mourns the loss of his beloved Mother

The mother of veteran singer is dead.

Hype Life Magazine understands that McGregor’s mother, Mahida Sappleton-Rodney, was found unresponsive on Thursday evening (Feb. 5) and was rushed to hospital.

She passed away on Friday morning. The circumstances surrounding her passing is still unknown. She was 97 years old.

The singer is said to be deeply distraught at his mother’s passing.

“I can’t find the words right now to express the way I feel, but performances like this and the love from the people really keep me going. She’s the reason I do what I do,” Freddie McGregor told media reporters.

“When I decided to leave Clarendon and move to Kingston to become a musician, she was very supportive. The concept was I was moving out so I could help my mother. So, she prepared me, made all the arrangements and sent me off. When I settled down in Kingston, she would always come to look for me… there are just no words to describe my mother… no words. She was the love of my life,” he added.

McGregor is the second artiste to have lost a mother this week following the death of the mother of Queen Ifrica on Wednesday.

During Saturday night’s tribute to reggae king Bob Marley, singer I-Octane paused his performance, asking the audience to spare a thought for another veteran of the music industry, Freddie McGregor, who has just lost his mother.

“Mek we big up Mr Freddie McGregor who just lose him mother. Nuff other artiste wouldn’t come perform tonight, but him come and deliver,” said I-Octane.

Freddie McGregor recently performed at the Redemption Live Bob Marley 70th Concert on Saturday at the Kingston waterfront.

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