Govana And Aidonia Shake Up Magnum Xplosion 2018

Watch highlights from Govana and Aidonia's performance at Romeich Ent Magnum Xplosion 2018.

artists, and , recently performed at Magnum Xplosion 2018.

Govana, who has been making waves in dancehall for the past few months, was formerly called Deablo.

The “Champ” deejay told reporters that the name Deablo was given to him while he was in primary school because he was a troublemaker.

As fitting as the name was at the time, the person that he was evolving into was outgrowing that name.

The name Deablo was not a true reflection of who he was aspiring to be. He explained that for an artiste to have a great career, a suitable name is always important, according to Govana.

Govana And Aidonia Shake Up Romeich Ent Magnum Xplosion

As he evolved, he adopted the name Govana, after doing the “Run Road” collaboration with Aidonia.

The ultimate name change then began to take form, as he took the time to cement it in people’s brains before getting his big break.

And it seems the name change has been working wonders for Govana, as he has since received much public attention for songs like Bake Bean and Breeze, which was done with Aidonia.

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