Gully Bop hints at 50 Cent collab as Jamaican sensation prepares to re-launch music and debut acting career.

is preparing to re-launch his music and debut an acting career in 2017.

The artiste recently hinted at a possible appearance in ’s breakout series, Power.

The Jamaican sensation, who is currently in New York, has been relatively absent from the music scene in recent times.

The entertainer confirmed to media reporters that photos of himself and the G-Unit Boss were authentic despite contrary beliefs.

 Gully Bop hints at collab with 50 Cent

“Dem real man. Why would a big artiste like Gully Bop Photoshop a picture?” Gully Bop asked.

“Mi did go fi a meeting with 50 and we talk fi bout 20 or 30 minutes. Di man rate Gully Bop and him team. All di people dem round him rate Gully Bop,” he said.

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