Gully Bop and Shauna Chin looking to re-unite? Exclusive details inside...

Some believe that Chin and Bop are back together but are trying to keep their relationship quiet.

The sensation and his ‘ride or die’ girlfriend came to an ugly end in their relationship in December 2015.

Chin stunned the world when she posted a video claiming was trying to break into her car to get to her.

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She claimed that the viral dancehall deejay attacked her in their home. However, Bop painted a different picture claiming that it was she who attacked him and knocked him out with a padlock. Since then there have been a lot of back and forth on social media over who to be blame for the relationship demise.

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Since then, Gully Bop hired a new manager, Karl Durrant, to handle his career.

News follows a revelation made by Bops’ ex-fiancé, who told media reporters that the entertainer was no longer being managed by Durrant following reports that she and Bop were headed for a re-union.

“He and Karl Durrant had a falling out and so I’m helping him to get a new manager so he can get back on his feet,” she said.

“Bop and I are not getting back together but I still care about him and want to see things work out for the best for him so I’m helping him out with some things.”

She also explained that she will not be taking up the job as Bop’s new manager as she doesn’t want to complicate things between the two.

Gully Bop later told reporters that whatever Chin said was the truth.

“I am not signed to anyone innu so whatever Chin say a so it go,” he said. 

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