Did dancehall deejay Gully Bop tried to kill his fiance Shauna Chin? Find out the truth!

sensation and his fiancée, , have called it a split following a bloody fight over ‘cheating allegations’ at their house.

On December 29, a video was released online by Chin in which she was heard crying for help. In the video, she locked herself in a car, with the deejay prowling outside, and accused him of trying to kill her.

Chin lodged a report at the Constant Spring Police Station after being allegedly attacked by the deejay, Hype Life Magazine has learned.

“I caught him trying to break into the house to steal the thing to go an’ sell. When I tried to stop him that was when he come after me… I never run so fast in my life and go into the car and lock up myself,” Chin told reporters.

“That is when I started to tape him, but only the end of it tape. But I put it up anyway. I really just want him to go to rehab and clean up himself,” she added.

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The video shows Chin in her car respiring heavy while exclaiming that Gully Bop has gone mad and is trying to kill her.

“Him a try kill me people,” she cried.

“Lord Jesus help me the man a get mad.”

The footage also shows Gully Bop looking dazed with blood dripping down his face.

Bop eventually opened the gate to let Chin free after allegedly trying to get to her inside of the car. The deejay reportedly got checked at the hospital for possible serious head injuries.

Sources close to “Body Specialist” deejay told Hype Life Magazine exclusively that Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, is accusing Shauna Chin of cheating.

Bop has broken his silence about allegations that he tried to kill his fiance Shauna Chin.

In a footage, the entertainer stated that he was in the country performing and returned home to find Shauna Chin in their house with another man. The deejay also revealed that they have been having problems for the last three months.

“She bring man in a my house because she think I was in the country,” Bop said.

Gully Bop became a sensation a year ago when a video of him freestyling hit the Internet.

He was soon booked for major show and has been travelling locally and overseas with his performances.

Shauna Chin was hired to manage Gully Bop’s career and has recently launched her own music career. Neither could be reached for a comment.

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