Following a very public falling out, Gully Bop's former fiancee and manager, Shauna Chin moved out of the house she shared with the entertainer.

’s former fiancee and manager, moved out of the Red Hills house she shared with the entertainer on Friday (Jan. 8).

With the help of two police officers, Chin moved out with a few items of furniture including a bed she said she bought.

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Gully Bop's Ex-boo Shauna Chin Takes Bed Gully Bop's Ex-boo Shauna Chin Moves Out With Bed

Also, Gully Bop has denied beating up his girlfriend, Shauna Chin, even though a video released on the Internet shows a fleeing Chin being stalked by an enraged and bloodied Bop.

Shauna Chin earlier said she was lodging a report against Gully Bop, claiming that the deejay attacked her. In the video, she alleged that:

“Him ah try kill mi… the man get mad pon mi. Mi ah guh straight ah police station.”

However, Gully Bop told media reporters that Chin hit him with a padlock and ran when he discovered her infidelity.

“Mi never lick her, she fling a padlock inna mi head, ah the biggest padlock mi ever see, ah muss one and a half pound. Then she run go inna the car. At the time, the gate was locked because is a remote gate and she run the car through it, and write off the car front,” he explained. 

He added that she reversed the car, and he opened the gate so she could drive through. 

“Is like she a try run me over with the car the way she a drive, and she lick the edge of the gate and tear off the bonnet, but she drive gone still,” he said. 

“Mi caan beat up Chin, she beat me up. Right now, mi just lef a private hospital and walk go out to the ghetto fi talk to mi people dem. Shauna Chin a wicked, she a gold digger, but ah copper she find. She still no find the goldmine. She ah style me and a carry man go inna mi house, and pon mi bed, not mi head. It’s over,” he added.

Gully Bop insists that the relationship with Shauna Chin is now over because of her infidelity. 

“Ah long time she ah carry man ah mi yard. She ah book show and know say mi caan go certain place in the world. Ah pure wrongs she ah do. Mi go GT show and see man inna mi clothes, mi old suit weh mi no want. Ah three months now mi and Chin no dhe…the world need fi know when Chin crash, is a man she carry go mi house and a carry go Mobay airport because too much people know her a town,” the deejay whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, said.

He said that he had called her when he was close to the Price Rite supermarket close to Havendale and told her he was close by. 

“Mi tell her say mi a come up the hill, but she drive come meet me down the road, but me drive past her and go inna the yard. Mi have a Shitzu dog and it run out and ah show me where somebody just run through mi rose bush dem. Same time, she come round and lick me wid the padlock and run,” he explained. 

He called her “one of the wickedest woman on the face of the Earth”.

Gully Bop, who is in the midst of a row with his former lover Shauna Chin, has previously claimed that Chin has taken away his travel documents.

However, he says after several demands were made, Chin returned his Passport. He also stated that Chin was using his documents to scam promoters.

In the meanwhile, Shauna Chin has inked a production and booking deal with US-based label, Diamond Music Empire. 

With success came disappointments. In August, Gully Bop and his management split; that month, Chin was in a serious motor accident in Trelawny that left her with a bruised neck as well as cuts and bruises.

In October, she released her debut rhythm called “Throat” which has songs from Gully Bop, Supa Hype, Laden, Erup and Devious.

Last month, Chin had a very public falling out with Bop.

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