Gyptian leaves VP Records following logs of broken promises and disappointments.

has abandoned VP Records citing that the popular major label is holding back the progress of his music career.

The Gold-selling artist disclosed that his experience with the label has been marred by broken promises and disappointments.

“We had a four-album deal contract. I did three albums, and then I realised that they released a compilation without telling me about, so that amounts to four albums. I did my time with them. Manners and respect, we will go our separate ways,” he told media reporters.

“I feel like they have been benching my career because they take long to release your projects,” he added.

The Jamaican artist also revealed that some of the agreements made in his contract with the label were not met.

However, his copy of the contract was destroyed in a fire at his home in Portmore, and as a result, he is unable to divulge some of the information.

Gyptian Leaves VP Records

Gyptian says several international artists wanted to collaborate with him on projects, following his success with “Hold You” which climbed the Billboard Chart.

However, they were not prepared to collaborate with an artist who was signed to VP Records, according to the Gyptian.

“Watch and see now. The minute the overseas artists realize that I am not with them, they will be coming on board to collaborate with me,” he said.

“I also want labels to know that I am not opposed to signing again. However, I want to sign with a label that cares about my brand and will put me as priority,” he added.

Gyptian recently started his own label called Right Direction Records and has indicated that he will sign artists like Honourable, Bascom X, Militancy, and Ice Cold.

“I just want dem to leave mi things and guh dem ways. Big up to Johnny Wonder for the success of Hold You … that had nothing to do with it; they only benefit from Gyptain,” he said.

Gyptian recently dropped a song titled “Closer” and will release a new record with Troyton Records.

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