Gyptian Says Dancehall & Reggae Artists Are Not Selling: “Jamaican Musicians Are Not Rich”

Gyptian calls out Jamaican artists, stating that they are not making proper money from the music industry.

says Jamaican artists are not making serious money in comparison to American musicians.

The singer is calling out fellow and entertainers to stop pretending to be rich as he is certain that “all the big acts are not selling anything”.

“Unuh can not trick me, unuh not selling and thats a big problem,” Gyptian asserted in a recent interview with TVJ’s Entertainment Report.

“The revenue is not coming in like how it should. We dont have no rich Reggae artist,” he added.

Peep the footage with Gyptian addressing Jamaican artist controversial income.

Gyptian also mentioned that top acts such as and the Marleys are just “frighten friday,” a Jamaica term which refers to when extra privileges are given to someone else based upon their skin colour, power or wealth.

However, he expressed that the only Reggae artist who is making serious money is the late, legendary Bob Marley.

He indicated that the marketing strategies used are weak and need to be changed to improve the record sales and income for Jamaican artists.

Gyptian Says Dancehall & Reggae Artists Are Not Selling; None Is rich

Gyptian will be releasing his first album in the post-VP Records era of his career under his own Ryte Dyrekshan label.

His new album is expected to drop at the end of this year, and will feature productions from Ricky Blaze and UIM among others.

The entertainer’s contract with VP Records expired last year and was not renewed after the artist did not meet his career’s expectation.

“It has been a great journey with special memories made and I’m thankful for all the opportunities, but unfortunately I have decided to part ways with VP Music Group,” the entertainer said in a release last year May.

“As Gyptian embraces the beginning of a new musical chapter in his life, he’s eager to get in the studio and make music under his own label, Ryte Dyrekshan Records,” the release said.

“It’s time I get back to doing what I love which is making music, and time for my fans to hear from me again so I can get in the road and see them. They’ve been asking and begging for new music, time to make that happen.”

Gyptian is known for a string of hits, including the Billboard-charting “Hold Yuh.”

The artist is to embark on a tour in Europe later this month with performances in Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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