I-Octane raises eyebrows after blaming Yanique Curvy Diva's silicones as obstacle in their new song "Unfair Games."

and are gearing up to drop their highly-anticipated collaborative single “Unfair Games.”

The raunchy track, produced by Good Good Productions, is said to be making rounds on social media after the two shared a preview online.

“Unfair Games,” also known as “If Yuh Fvck Pon Me,” depicts a salty couple arguing due to relationship problems. However, on the track, a line by I-Octane’s has raised a few fans’ eyebrows.

The “Hot Ras” deejay seemingly took aim at the “Lifestyle” artist, claiming that one of the reasons for the problems in their frictional relationship is due to her silicone, referring to her implants.

“Everything did real bout yuh, but from yuh get the silicones, yuh start hype and a give mi attitude, one bagga silly nouns,” I-Octane deejays.

Preview “Unfair Games” by Yanique Curvy Diva and I-Octane…

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