Ishawna discussed dating rumours with Alkaline, her music, Lady Saw leaving Dancehall for Gospel, wanting to be an actress, her inspiration and more.

Controversial artiste has finally addressed dating rumours with .

In August, after releasing her single”Private Mi Page,” a counteraction to Alkaline’s “Block And Delete,” Ishawna was accused of taking shots at the “On Fleek” hit-maker.

However, during her recent with The Star’s Real Talk segment, the “Restraining Order” singer dismissed the claims.

“Everybody has been asking me if I am dating Alkaline,” Ishawna stated.

“No, People are thinking everybody you do a song with you a date them. I did a counteraction to Alkaline song that does mean I am dating him. But dem just always a gimme man I guess,” she added.

Ishawna also discussed her music, leaving Dancehall for Gospel, wanting to do movies in the future, not wanting to be a model and her inspiration.

She is known for songs like “Need Love,” “You Alone,” and “Cry Baby.”

Watch the full interview with Ishawna.

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