Ishawna bashes Miss Kitty for calling her illiterate while breaking her silence on her remark about Miss Lou' tablecloth.

has finally addressed her comments aimed at late legendary Jamaican poet Miss Lou (Louise Bennett-Coverley) earlier this month.

The Dancehall artist got fans enraged when she justified her raunchy outfits stating she refuses to wear “Tablecloth” like Miss Lou.

“Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou,” Ishawna wrote.

“#RipMissLou,” she added.

Since Ishawna’s remark, a slew of Jamaican personalities have blasted the “Equal Rights” singer, including , also known as Fluffy Diva, at Reggae Sumfest 2017 on Dancehall Night.

The “Fluffy Diva” referred to Ishawna a ‘dish towel’ and hinted that she was illiterate.

“No dish towel cyaa diss Miss Lou no time, yuh mad?” she asked the crowd.

“Big up all the gyal dem weh read and write, brain and brains and these things” she added.

On Sunday (July 23), Ishawna took to her Instagram Live to speak briefly with her fans for the first time on the topic.

“Mi a stress dem all Summer 2017, dem a throw shade but dem still cyaa shine……,” she told fans.

Miss Kitty say mi dunce? Alright, that’s cute her body wan do…. her body wan do over, a that she fi guh worry bout…” she stated.

“She suppose to wear bandana, mi seh no table cloth a that mi seh, mi nuh really response,” she added.

Peep the footage of Ishawna discussing various topics on Instagram Live…

Ishawna shared the reason behind her absence from Reggae Sumfest 2017.

The “Restraining Order” singer also revealed that she could care less about what critics have to say about her comment on Miss Lou’s tablecloth.

Furthermore, she saluted while promoting their collaborative single “Washer & Dryer.”

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