Dancehall artist Ishawna Pregnant?

Dancehall diva Ishawna may be pregnant. This comes after the artiste shared a sonogram on instagram.

Dancehall artist Ishawna Pregnant?

diva  may be pregnant. This comes after the artiste shared a sonogram on instagram.

Social media was sent into a tizzy at on Wednesday (Sept. 23), when Ishawna posted a sonogram on her Instagram page with a foetus below a headline that screamed “12 weeks and 4 days”.

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Fans quickly sent their congratulations at the announcement calling the baby “a blessing”. Others questioned as to who was the father of the baby. 

The image had the following caption: “Im sooooo excited rite now,” with the hashtags Unexpected news, God is good, a baby is a blessing and cant wait for this lil bundle of joy to arrive.”

When inquired about, the Jamaican singer’s manager Josef Bogdanovich told media reporters that he is not aware of the announcement. 

Ishawna Pregnant?

“I don’t know about that. She is pregnant? Did she say who was the father? If she was, she would have told me. Did she really say that? I have no comment,” he said, before abruptly hanging up his phone. 

The controversial Ishawna ruled news headlines for the better part of six months with revelations of a love triangle between herself, her estranged baby father, (Oneil Thomas) and  producer Skatta Burrell.

Foota Hype became dad to another child with his new flame.

Month afterwards, Ishawna made headlines again when she was captured on video cameras posing provocatively with Down Sound Records CEO Joseph Bogdanovich, just a day after Toya, his common-law wife died after suffering complications with diabetes. 

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