Ishawna gives oral sex advice during "Equal Rights" performance in Jamaica.

is out and about giving ladies free “Equal Rights” advice.

During a live performance in Portland on Tuesday (23), the artist performed her new raunchy track, “Equal Rights,” which encourages women to be vocal on issues surrounding oral sex in Jamaica.

Ishawna On Equal Rights: “96% of Jamaican Men Do 69”

Ishawna did not only perform her controversial song but she also gave lessons to her audience about how they can get their boyfriends to perform oral sex on them.

She suggested that females should use their fingers to play with their clitoris and then transfer the residue to their partner’s mouth during foreplay.

“Unnuh a foreplay, and you know boy a kiss you up unuh neck, rub up unu tits, slap unuh ass and thing,” Ishawna told her fans at .

“Meck mi tell unuh what to do to test unuh man now, see when you rubbing your pu$%y and thing, put unuh hand down inna unuh clit right, and then you just wipe it in his mouth so,” she added.

Peep footage from Ishawna’s “Equal Rights” performance.

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