Dancehall star J Capri's sudden death has triggered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death. The cause of her death has been revealed.

J Capri Dies At 23, Shocking Death Autopsy Result Revealed

The community is currently in mourning over the lost of a rising superstar.

died at a hospital in Jamaica on Friday (Dec. 4) after succumbing to her injuries sustained in a car accident last month. She was 23.

J Capri, whose real name is Jordan Phillips, had been hospitalized in critical condition after she reportedly lost control of her Mercedes and crashed into a wall on Nov. 23.

Subsequently, she was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies and underwent surgery after suffering a fractured skull and damage to her brain. Afterward, Capri was reportedly placed in a medically-induced coma but she never awoke.

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According to medical personnel, the recording artiste is suspected to have died not directly from injuries to her brain but from bacterial infection (sepsis) which triggered massive renal failure (kidney).

Capri passed away at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) 12 days after undergoing brain surgery following the motor vehicle accident. At least one member of her family believes that her death “could have been prevented”.

“There is going to be a quick autopsy but I know this could have been prevented. She did not die of a brain injury, the doctors are saying it was something else that caused her death, she had lung complications caused from a bacterial infection, and eventually renal failure (kidney failure),” a distraught Kenneth Phillips told media reporters. 

“I am waiting on the autopsy before I reach a conclusion,  but my princess, my baby, my superstar is gone, and this is all the more tragic because I believe it could have been prevented….she was fighting, she was getting better, and now this…I am around my friends now, trying to keep my spirits up, but it is tough.”

An autopsy is to be conducted on J Capri’s body on Saturday.

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One medical practitioner, who was on duty at UHWI during Capri’s admission, says her death perhaps could have been avoided as the Hospital’s intensive care unit is in need of renovation and an extensive sterilization exercise. 

However, two other medical experts offered a different perspective.

They state that post operative bacterial infections are not unusual for patients with major wounds. Capri’s kidney perhaps just could not handle the extent of the infection, say the medical practitioners.

J Capri Died At 23, Shocking Autopsy Result Revealed

Artists from the dancehall world went on Twitter today (Dec. 4) to express their sorrow over the lost of J Capri. Producer Tarik “” Johnston, who is the founder of the Head Concussion label, wrote a touching eulogy to Capri on his Instagram page. It reads:

“Jordan, Jah know star we made history together. Watch you grow from nothing to something iconic. Hurts my heart to know you are gone…You will never be forgotten. You were apart of the HCR Fam .. My condolences to everyone in her life.”

The Head Concussion artist was a rising dancehall sensation whose vocal style of toasting and singing helped propel her songs like “Boom and Bend Over,” “Pull Up to Mi Bumper” and Reverse It” into full-fledged Jamaican dance anthems.

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