J Capri is still alive but reportedly in coma following car crash despite death rumour. Full details inside!

UPDATE: J Capri Dies At 23, Autopsy Reveals Shocking Result

artist , whose given name is Jordan Phillips, is currently at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

She was admitted there following an early-morning auto accident along Barbican Road in St Andrew Monday (Nov 23).

J Capri Fighting For Life In Hospital

The family of J Capri said the singjay is showing signs of improvement though she remains in an induced coma, Hype Life Magazine understands.

Doctors treating J Capri are opining that the singer is likely to recover fully without any permanent damage, her father, Kenneth Phillips, told the media.

Father says... J Capri Will Make Full Recovery

Mr. Phillips said based on these encouraging signs, the doctors at the University Hospital of the West Indies, where the singer is hospitalised, believe there is a strong possibility for full recovery.

“The doctors said the first two to three days were the most difficult, so she has past the worst,” Mr. Phillips said.

“She is going to have some good and bad days…she had a really rough night last night as she was passing too much urine. Her blood count had decreased again but she is back on the recovery path. She is a fighter. Her vital signs and breathing is good,” he added.

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Doctors have not indicated when they will revive the singer from the induced coma, but Phillips explained that they will do so when the swelling in her brain subsides.

In addition to head trauma, J Capri suffered significant blood loss. Friends and well-wishers have donated blood to assist with her recovery.

J Capri Is Still Alive But In Coma Following Car Crash Despite Death Rumor

Late last week, a rumour started spreading that the singer died following her accident.

J Capri’s father said he was deeply hurt by the rumour and asked that Jamaica continues to pray for his daughter, as he is seeing the results of their prayers.

“I feel gutted about it. I don’t know why people would make this up. We’re all going to have moments like this, when we going to need someone to lean on, so be compassionate and put yourselves in other people’s shoes,” Phillips appealed.

“We are really grateful for all those persons who assisted. While her blood count is increasing she is still in need of more blood so I am appealing to persons to make a donation please,” said Mr. Phillips.

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J Capri, 23, given name Jordan Phillips, was hospitalised last Monday after her vehicle overturned. Reports said a car she was driving slammed into a wall in Barbican Square about 3 a.m. She was rushed to hospital following the collision.

J Capri is known for songs such as “Wine and Kotch” with Charly Blacks, “Pull Up To Mi Bumpa” with and more recently, “Boom and Ben Over.”

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