Jah Cure allegedly attacked Fantan Mojah with a knife following a heated argument.

is being accused by musician of attacking him with a knife at an undisclosed location.

In a brief footage, the “Rasta Got Soul” artist said the fellow Jamaican entertainer pulled a weapon on him over the weekend.

It alleged that the artists, who are collaborators and longtime friends, had a heated argument, in which an angry Jah Cure took a knife and attempted to use it on Fantan Mojah. However, the hostile move was stopped by friends of both parties.

Fantan Mojah did not mention Jah Cure’s name during his speech but based on the footage, insiders interpreted the suspect in question.

“A artist backed a knife at Fantan Mojah,” Fantan Mojah expressed in the clip.

“I never expected that artist who I bawled for, and cry for, over the whole world to free this kid, beacause I rate the kid singing and I rate the kid voice,” he added.

Peep the clip with Fantan Mojah requesting a public apology from Jah Cure.

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