Jah Cure gets blasted by a songwriter who claims he failed to give her credit for a song on his new album 'Royal Soldier.'

has come under fire by a Saint Lucian songwriter who claimed the artist has been boycotting her songwriting credits for a song on his upcoming album “Royal Soldier.”

The Jamaican singer, who is preparing to release his forthcoming project next month, is being accused of neglecting writing credits for a song that is set to be featured on his work, which is expected to feature Major Lazor, , Melanie Fiona, Mya and Phyllisia Ross.

“I want full songwriting credits for my songs,” she declared in a viral video on social media.

“Right now, I can take you to court because my song is being streamed and being available for sale, and I’m not credited on it as nothing,” she asserted.

Watch the video with Jah Cure’s songwriter blasting out!

The composer, who stated that she worked a “whole year” writing songs for the artist, also claimed Jah Cure threatened her to take down one of the track previews from her social media profile, which she indicated has been an issue for him following following their fall out.

Jah Cure is yet to respond the accusations.

Music fans have since chimed in on the controversial footage on Youtube.

“You artist and reggae artist who cannot put pen to paper to write your own songs you guys need to respect who is writing your songs with no apology you guys are a disgrace to reggae and music,” one user commented.

“I’ve heard Jah Cure telling Winford Williams he wrote and produced his entire album luckily for me I knew a producer who worked on the album. Many Reggae and Dancehall artists are thieves refusing to give their songwriters credit and publishing for their songs. I’m pleased people are defending their rights, ” another expressed.

“Yo jah cure…mek sure yu money good lol..pay the song writer her money simple. yu same one tell selectors to suck and mek sure them money good before them call yu phone. so pay up!” one wrote.

“Another case of not Copyrighting your music before handing it out to artistes.Also once an artiste is interested in your music you should have your lawyers draft the necessary paperwork on your behalf. There is NO friendship in the music industry,it is a business keep them separate at all times. If this young lady has all the necessary proof that she is in fact the writer of these songs she shoould take Jah Cure to court and get her dues that are owed to her.She is young and obviously got caught up in the excitement of all the attention her music was getting and forgot to handle the business end of her music,” another said.

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