Jah Cure flaunts his flashy car and mansion in Jamaica while telling critics to not be jealous. Peep the footage!

insists that he is all about his wealth!

Over the weekend, the star took to Instagram to showcase his flashy Range Rover before giving a walkthrough of his multi-million dollar home in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“When i say “real rich,” it ain’t no talking. When I say “I don’t need some phony niggas,” it ain’t no talking,” he stated.

“Yeah, we already fix things,” he added.

This comes after Jah Cure called out sound selectors on social media, demanding his desired paycheck.

Last month, in an Instagram rant, Jah Cure argued that promoters and sound system operators who don’t have enough money should think twice before trying to engage him in conversations regarding shows, and dubplates.

“A matter of fact, sound bwoy s**k unu muma! Me name Jah Cure mi rich more…. than three-quarter a unu friend dem inna the industry. P***y mi nuh need dubplate money fi live,” the ‘Unconditional Love’ singer said in a video posted to his Instagram story.

“Sound clash fraternity have the most waste man. Unu cheap and cyaan even afford artiste, unu talk bout boycott. P***y Mi rich, mi nuh need unu. Memba mi tell yuh, all ah unu who mek video, mi respect unu fi it. Mi ah guh si how long unu ah guh escape without beating. How dem cheap sound bwoy ah disrespect ’bout boycott? Mi nuh need unu,” he chimed in another clip.

Jah Cure Diss Sound System Selectors

The artist went on to make rude comments about their mothers, adding the he was wealthy and does not need their handouts. 

Social media users have since blasted the Jamaican entertainer with some urging fans to boycott his music, while others dug into his past conviction and some label his current lifestyle as materialistic.

Shortly after the incident, Jah Cure was quick to apologize for derogatory comments. However, a day after the apology was issued, the Jamaica STAR reported that the artist’s apology was never authorized by Jah Cure.

Popular media personality Nikki Z posted a statement to her Instagram page, which seemed to have come from the artist’s camp. However, the statement was later removed.

Nikki Z told reporters that she received the statement from a member of Jah Cure’s camp and that the same source later asked her to take it down.

“I’m not gonna say I know why but it’s my understanding it wasn’t fully approved. I guess Cure wanted to deal with it first,” she told reporters.

Now, the fraternity has again plunged into ‘boycott Jah Cure’ mode.

Meanwhile, the “True Reflections” singer maintains his “real rich” perspective.

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