Kamila McDonald opened up about her divorce from Reggae singer Jah Cure, referring to her experience as a "storm" and "a roller coaster of emotions."

revealed that she has come through the storm a completely new person.

She explained that she and have to respect each other with the fact that they have their daughter in the center of it all by looking past their egos.

“I think it was one of my biggest struggles, even though I was doing all the traditional healthy things – working out and eating healthy; all things I prescribe and I encourage people to embrace. That can all be lost if you don’t have it together emotionally; if you don’t have it together mentally; if you are in toxic situations,” she expressed.

“I give thanks that after a series of ups and downs I’m still here, I’m smiling and I have hope. I know that the future is bright and I give thanks that we both respect each other that we have our daughter [Kailani] at the centre of it all, and her well-being at the forefront of our minds and our actions every day,” she added.

“I give thanks we have been able to come to that place, because many people are not able to get past individual egos. We were able to get up out of ourselves and see the bigger picture, and she [Kailani] is the bigger picture, and her happiness is all that matters to both of us. She knows that no matter what happens, her mommy and her daddy love her more than anything in the world. That really is how we shield her and protect her – with the security that both of us love her dearly. I feel confident that we will continue to grow and transform from where we are right now. Hopefully, one day we can be really good friends, where we can look back and say things didn’t work out the way we wanted them to work out, but we have this beautiful daughter and she is a gift and a miracle to us and the world,” Kamila added.

Kamila McDonald and daughter Kailani Belle Alcock Photos

She also disclosed that she has regained her health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

“Health is everything, emotional health, mental health, and when those are compromised, everything is compromised. I think I have learned and regained health in a place I didn’t have it a couple years ago, and that in itself is precious to me, because health is your biggest asset,” she said.

Regardless of the sudden loss of a partner and major adjustment following their divorce, Kamila said her first priority is Kailani.

“It’s learning to let go. It’s important to live a structured life, and as an entrepreneur that is very important. Getting very organized and prioritizing things is important. I have got very diligent in making sure that my priorities are straight and that Kailani is always up there, regardless of what is going on,” she said.

Jah Cure and daughter Kailani Belle Alcock Photos

In January, reports surfaced that the pair had agreed to work out the divorce in a private forum to ensure that all the proceedings of their divorce will be kept confidential.

They tied the knot in August 2011 at the luxurious Tryall Club in Hanover before calling it quits in 2015.

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