Blacksan issues warning to Rygin King for allegedly stealing his style.

Newcomer entertainer is calling out for allegedly stealing his musical style.

The self-proclaimed “Jamaican 6ix9ine” wants the “Tuff” deejay to stop referring to himself as the “Trap King,” citing that he his the rightful ruler of the title.

Blacksan, whose given name is Dane Dawson, claims Rygin King and other Montego Bay-based artists observed his music videos and copied his ‘Traphall’ style, which is fusing trap and music.

The 24-year-old said that there can only be one ‘Trap King’ adding that “any other king is a Burger King.”

Jamaican 6ix9ine Blacksan Warns Rygin King To Stop Using His Style

Blacksan is now sending Rygin King a stern warning to desist from using his “label or he will be forced to challenge him in a lyrical feud.”

“Jamaican 6ix9ine’ says he understands that the “Tuff” deejay has a huge fan base and is prepared for the backlash, “Dem a go try style mi, mi prepare fi di diss and mi a go diss dem back too, cause mi a go nice up dancehall,” he asserted.

Rygin King is yet to respond to Blacksan’s accusations.

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