Jay-Z is launching a new high-end champagne costing $850 a bottle.

mogul is launching a new high-end champagne on April 18th.

Almost three years after their partnership was formed, Jay-Z’s Sovereign Brand & Armand de Brignac are finally ready to roll out their new exquisite champagne called Blanc de Noirs Assemblage Two, also known as A2.

The new Blanc de Noirs Assemblage Two (A2) will cost $850 USD (the A1 goes for around $750) and only 2,333 bottles are being released onto the market, with each bottle receiving an engraved number tag.

“Jay is a very strong businessman, certainly one that likes to understand what consumers want and here to build the business for the long term,” Armand de Brignac CEO Sebastien Besson told Bloomberg.

“He always has a few bottles on hand for a celebration, I know that for sure.”

JAY Z's New Ace Champagne Costs $850 USD Per Bottle

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