J Capri’s Foundation Set To Launch 2 Years After Singer’s Death

To honor the late J Capri, the Dancehall artist's family strives to launch a sponsorship foundation.
J Capri Death Foundation Set To Launch

Photo credit: Instagram (@jcapri_hcr)

It’s been two years since ’s tragic death.

To honor the artist, who died in the hospital on December 4th in 2015 from injuries she received from a car crash, her family has strived to keep her memory alive through various means including a sponsorship foundation.

Hype Life Magazine understands that the foundation has donated funds to selected students at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts where the Jamaican artist studied music.

The foundation has also rewarded primary level students who succeeded in the Grade Six Achievement Test examination with monetary scholarships.

The foundation was originally slated to be launched on the anniversary of her death this month, but her mother, Oradell ‘Debbie’ Carwin, confirmed that the launch date has been pushed back to January due to some minor setbacks.

“We are in the process of setting up the website and everything for the official launch in December 2017,” Carwin told reporters.

“If a student wants to apply for a scholarship they can sign up via the website and give details on what they want to pursue and explain why deserve the scholarship,” she added.

The death of J Capri, whose real name is Jordan Phillips, has still been difficult to deal with by her family, friends and fans. The twenty-three-year-old artist, who is known for songs like Whine and Kotch, Reverse It and Pull Up to Mi Bumper, had a bright future and was seen as one of the most talented young artists in dancehall prior to her death.

J Capri - Jamaican Dancehall Artist

Photo credit: Instagram (@jcapri_hcr)

Earlier this year, JAM2 Records released an EP from J Capri called My Life, an eight-track project was recorded three months prior her tragic death in December 2015.

In addition to the title track, the listing includes songs like Cannot Refuse My Love, Heat My Love, and Give It To Me Again, a collaboration with Kranium.

“Capri loved all of the tracks, but she had a special love for Give It To Me Again because it had this crossover sound. The rhythm is different and creative. She didn’t even know that Kranium was placed on the track because she died before this was done,” producer Jammy James told media reporters.

My Life, which was intented to do an album, also features production works from Stephen McGregor, Suku, ZJ Liquid, and Kimani Mlmg.

“It wasn’t suppose to be an EP but an album that we had started. She went away on tour and she died shortly after she returned to Jamaica,” James revealed.

J Capri went in a coma after being involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Barbican area of St Andrew on November 23. She passed away on December 4.

Her last major performance in Jamaica was on Dancehall Night at Sumfest in July 2015.

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