Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna will play mother and daughter in the upcoming DreamWorks Animation film “Home,” (previously titled “Happy Smekday”).

Jennifer Lopez Is Rihanna’s Mom In New Movie "Home"

Well, possibly J.Lo can instill some home training into .

It’s been announced that the American Idol judge is set to play Rihanna’s mom in a new Dreamworks animated film.

Titled “Home”, The “Pour It Up” singer will star as the lead voice.

The film, which will be released November 2014, is an alien-invasion comedy and Rihanna’s character is described as resourceful and witty.

While Rihanna was always tapped as the lead, the former fly girl and funnyman were just added to the fold.

Martin will voice Captain Smek, leader of the overly optimistic alien race known as the Boov.

They use Earth as a hideout from their enemy and begin relocating the human race – convinced they’re doing them a big favor.

But when one of the aliens accidentally blows their cover, he has to go on the run with a teenage girl.

The two set off on a cross-country trip during which they both learn what it means to be human. Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons plays the alien, and Rihanna plays the girl.

(“Over the Hedge,” “Antz”) is directing from a screenplay by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember.

Chris Jenkins and Suzanne Buirgy are producing; DreamWorks Animation development head Gregg Taylor will oversee for the studio.

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