Veteran Reggae artiste Junior Reid could be facing some legal troubles after allegedly assaulting selector for not playing his music.

Selector Wessy of Swatch International has admitted that he was allegedly assaulted by entertainer for not playing a song.

According to the selector, he and his team were playing at the popular Nipples Tuesday in Waterhouse, St Andrew, recently when the artiste and his entourage walked in and demanded that his new song be played.

“Him walk inna the party and not even stop at the bar, him just send a man come tell me that him want him song play right now,” the selector told media reporters.

The selector alleges that he was unable to play the song right away as he was not the one at the console at the time, and that the artiste’s song did not fit in the current juggling.

He further explains that when he refused to play the track he was allegedly slapped  in the face by the entertainer.

“Me tell him fi hold on likkle, and mi nuh know wha him go back go tell the artiste because him come to me and say me a get too hype and gimme two box inna me face and mi drop a grung,” the selector said.

The seemingly upset selector added that after a few heated words, the artiste and his team left the venue.

“A nuh the first time him a do this. Him a mash up music. He needs to stop. He is walking with entourage and a bad up selector to play his song. No other artiste nah do dat,” he said.

“Him old. Him nuh hot. I don’t want an apology from him, just stay away from me. You can’t claim that your a big international artiste and haffi a war selector to play your music. I don’t owe you any favours,” he added.

Efforts to get a comment from Junior Reid were futile.

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