Justin Bieber sprains ankle playing basketball after getting stranded following tour bus trouble in Indiana and falling off stage in Canada.

didn’t let a sprain slow down his Friday night concert at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Just a week after falling off the stage at one of his concerts, Justin Bieber sprained his ankle before Friday night’s show.

Justin Bieber Sprains His Ankle Hours Before Concert

Though the 22-year-old singer twisted his ankle earlier that day during a game of pickup basketball with friends, he powered through his performance that night, part of his Purpose World Tour.

Bieber, who sustained the injury while playing basketball on Friday (June 24), posted a picture of his swollen left foot on Instagram.

“Gonna be taking it easy tonight on stage sprained my ankle playing ball smh all good still gonna crush,” he wrote.

On Saturday, June 25, he shared a second image of his hurt foot – as well as a video clip showing off some one-legged dance moves from Friday night’s performance, which he powered through.

On stage, the singer seemed to have recovered well from the accident, with fans capturing video of him going all-out during his dance routines.

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