Jah Cure Ex-Wife Kamila McDonald Says They Are Only Friends Despite Intimate Photos

Jah Cure ex-wife Kamila McDonald speaks of their current relationship after intimate photos. Watch her spill the tea and see the photographs!

Jah Cure Ex-Wife Kamila McDonald Says They Are Only Friend Despite Intimate Photos

broke her silence on her current relationship with ex-husband after cozy photos of the pair surfaced online.

The TV personality and fitness trainer, who recently stopped by Winford Williams’ Onstage TV to discuss her new book, Wake Up and Live: A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Lifestyle Change, disclosed that she and the singer are nothing but “friends” despite the new intimate photographs.

“Jah Cure and I are friends… the most important bound between two people is sharing a child,” Kamila expressed.

Kamila McDonald Opens Up About Divorce From Jah Cure: “It’s Been Difficult!”

The sports nutritionist also indicated that the “Unconditional Love” singer and her will “be in each others lis, for the rest of their lives” because of their daughter, Kailani Belle.

Watch the full interview with Kamila McDonald spilling the beans on being intimate or not with her ex-boo Jah Cure as she discusses her new lifestyle fitness book. (Skip to 25:30)

In her book, which is available fo purchase on Amazon.com, Kamila McDonald openly shares how she lost 60 pounds and transformed her own life, taking her readers on a mental, physical and spiritual journey.

Through each nutrition lesson, theme of the week, and irresistible recipe, she empowers her readers with all the tools, knowledge and consciousness to truly be able to, once and for all, Wake Up And Live.

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Jah Cure and ex-wife Kamila McDonald re-unite In Cozy Photos

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