Kanye West is naming his next album after his favorite video game console.

took to twitter Saturday morning (Feb 27) to announce that his next album will be called Turbo Grafx 16.

The title was inspired by the old video game console from the late 80’s, which Kanye says was one of his favorite systems growing up as a kid.

“My next album is titled   “Turbo Grafx 16″   as of now…” – Kanye Tweeted.

He even took as far as to reveal his favorite game “Blazing Lazers” in a following tweet.

The Turbografix-16 was a video game console released in the late ’80s. Read his tweets, full of self-admitted “super nerd” vibes.

He didn’t reveal anything else about the upcoming album, but according to Tony Williams, Ye has withheld many records off The Life Of Pablo sessions for it.

The title Turbo Grafx 16 is nowhere near solidified or certain. In fact, he even put “as of now” after the title referring that another title is likely to come in play down the road. 

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