Popular dancer Mystic Davis has much to smile about as pop superstar Katy Perry attended her dance class in Portland, while on vacation.

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Popular dancer has much to smile about as pop superstar attended her dance class in last Friday.

Katy Perry visits Mystic’s dance class, while vacationing in Jamaica recently.

Mystic explained that she sent out a broadcast about her dance class and Major Lazer received the broadcast message and told Katy Perry and her friends about it.

“The night before they were all at the party and I was introduced to her and her friends, but I had no idea she would come to the class. I was really surprised and so were my students,” Mystic told media reporters.

The class, OptiMystic Dance Class, is held at Robert’s Fitness Centre, The Royal Mall in Port Antonio.

The class, which Mystic does with her partner Sherine Virgo, offers aerobics and choreography.

“It’s a fun package. I teach you the moves and we work out and show you different routines. It’s a fun way of getting in shape while learning the latest dancehall moves,” Mystic said, adding, “I can be contacted at (876) 860-6014.”

“I spoke to them after and they said my class took their trip to another level and at dinner they were even doing some of the routines”, Mystic added.


But when asked whether she had done any recording with Katy Perry, Mystic said:

“I was in studio, but I can’t say anything else about it.”

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