Kendall Jenner reportedly punched a photographer in the face after he got a little too close to her and fellow model and best friend, Gigi Hadid.

has been accused of punching a paparazzi photographer in Paris, reportedly coming to the defence of her model best friend, .

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid attended the Balmain after-party following the label’s fashion show in Paris on Thursday, March 3.

The duo, who were pictured leaving Parisian nightclub L’Arc on Thursday night wearing fresh-from-the-catwalk Balmain looks, were surrounded by photographers before an altercation apparently broke out.

Upon leaving the party, People reports that Kendall got in a scuffle with a photographer. She reportedly pushed and punched him, because he’d gotten too close to her and Gigi.

Pictures show the two models pointing their fingers as they apparently argue with the paparazzi, who eyewitnesses suggest had gotten too close to the two 20-year-olds, although no physical altercation has been confirmed by photographs taken at the time.

Jenner’s manager and bodyguard is said to have stepped in to stop the fight from escalating, US Weekly reports, encouraging the girls to walk to their car and scolding the paparazzi for invading their space.

Jenner later posted a picture of her own face, seemingly showing displeasure at the situation, with the caption “mood.”

Did Kendall Really Punch A Photographer In Paris? Kendall Jenner Reportedly Punched A Paparazzo To Defend Gigi Hadid In Paris

Hadid made light of the drama, sharing a picture (above) of the twosome exiting the club just before the incident accompanied by the words:

“Playin Barbie with @balmain. #Kengi.”

Kendall’s often had a rough time with the crowds of fans and photographers that seem particularly cray in Paris.

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