Khago blasts Tifa, saying that she is only 'upset' that Shenseea took her spot in Dancehall following her rant about being treated unfairly.

Members of the music industry are blasting after her outburst about being treated unfairly in Dancehall.

, who was first to lash out at Tifa, charged that the “Jealous Ova” singer is just “upset” that took her spot.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram account, the “Nah Sell Out” deejay accused Tifa of collecting awards unfairly when other females such as Macka Diamond and Lady Saw among others were deserving of it.

He asserted that she is only complaining now because the tables have turned.

“You Miss Tifa… Yuh just upset fi know seh the driver seat weh you did sidung inna a Shenseea sidung inna it now,” Khago expressed.

Khago added that he respects Tifa as an artiste-songwriter and performer but she needs to stop her whining.

In another video, the “Tun Up Di Ting” deejay also took a jab at longtime rival I-Octane.

Macka Diamond has since chimed in on the controversy with a subtle post on Instagram.

“A true him a talk,” she said.

Khago’s comments come after Tifa disclosed, during a recent radio interview, that the music industry is now “nasty” and that was her main reason for wanting to retire.

“The industry has gotten nasty…. I think it is the nattiest i have even seen it,” Tifa stated.

Tifa accused industry players of treating her unfairly and blasted some internet trolls calling them uneducated. She said that she has been in Dancehall for over 10 years and does not believe she should be fighting for her place.

Tifa, who is currently in Europe, has hit back hard claiming that the Khago allegedly bought all of his albums in a bid to reach the Billboard Top Reggae Albums Chart.

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