Kim Kardashian had a close encounter with a serial celeb prankster at Paris Fashion Week show. Watch the footage of Kim Kardashian attack!

Kim Kardashian Attacked At Paris Fashion Week By Serial Prankster

Attacked By Crazy Fan At Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian had a close encounter with a serial celeb prankster at Paris Fashion Week on Thursday when the reality star was almost knocked to the ground during the attack.

The reality television star was attacked while entering a Paris fashion show. Kardashian’s attack came at the hands of infamous media personality, Vitalii Sediuk.

The Ukrainian male is known to crash red carpet events, pull pranks and act as the catalyst behind numerous encounters with celebrities in the past.

On this occasion, he lunged out of the crowd and attempted to hug Kardashian, but instead nearly toppled her over.

The star grabbed her knees to avoid completely falling. After Sediuk attacked Kardashian at the Balmain Paris Fashion Week show, he was mauled by other paparazzi and forced to leave the event. 

The incident took place when the reality television personality arrived for the Paris function in a limousine driven by a chauffeur.

Kardashian was accompanied in her travels by her mother, Kris Jenner, and her husband, . Tons of fans and paparazzi awaited the arrival of the three stars.

The anxious mob roared when Kardashian’s vehicle pulled up and she exited, and Sediuk immediately grabbed at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s legs.

After nearly toppling Kardashian over, he was immediately tackled to the ground by the celeb’s bodyguards.

Sediuk  was subsequently banished as Kim, Kanye and Jenner were safely ushered off to the fashion show.

Sediuk has made headlines in the past as a celebrity prankster. The Ukrainian media personality routinely gains access to special events, red carpets and award shows by using an old press pass.

He has heckled the likes of celebrities such as Madonna, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Adele and America Ferrera. One of the recent standout shenanigans of Sediuk was his accosting of Pitt on May 28 at the Maleficent premiere in Los Angeles.

There is a discrepancy as to whether or not the heckler punched the star actor in the face. However, according to Pitt, in a bizarre sequence Sediuk buried his face in Pitt’s crotch and refused to let go. He also reportedly broke the high-profile actor’s glasses. He served a 20-day stint in jail for his actions.

In an equally bizarre scene in May of 2012, the prankster kissed Will Smith on the mouth while attempting to interview him.

In May of 2014, he also crawled under the dress of Ferrera at the How to Train Your Dragon 2 premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Many were angered by the incident and thought Sediuk should be charged with sexual harassment.

Sediuk’s latest attack on Kardashian at the Balmain fashion show in Paris did not end in his arrest. Despite not being immediately identified by the crowd, the media personality reportedly admitted he was responsible for the altercation, but claimed that he meant no harm.

He also remarked upon his admiration for the luck of West to snag such a beautiful wife.

Following the incident, Vitalii told MailOnline:

“I hope Kim is OK and won’t be mad at me as I didn’t mean any harm. Kanye is one lucky man as Kim is a Goddess!”

Video: Kim Kardashian Attacked at Paris Fashion Show by Vitalii Sediuk

In the meantime the relentless prankster hopes Kardashian is not upset at him.

Watch the footage of Kim Kardashian attack, by Vitalii at the Paris Fashion Week show.

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