Kim Kardashian & Her Alleged Surgeon React To Her Untouched Bikini Photos

Kim Kardashian's alleged surgeon says her butt is too big as the reality TV star's fans lashed out after seeing pictures of her unairbrushed bikini body.

West recently made headlines after paparazzi photos of her vacationing in Mexico surfaced and the internet deemed her bikini look less than flattering.

Visible cellulite on her booty was the apparent transgression in question.

Kim Kardashian Attacked Online Over These Untouched Bikini Photos

The reality TV star faced heat from social media, reportedly losing nearly 100,000 Instagram followers in the process.

Online users shared their disappointment in being deceived, since her carefully-curated photos tend to skew toward perfection while detractors reveled that her often denied plastic surgery of the rear seemed to finally be wearing off.

Kim Kardashian’s alleged surgeon, Dr. Aardon Rollins of Elite Body Sculptors, is coming forward to give his input, warning others who are considering similar surgery while explaining the downsides of fat reassignment.

“Let her serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to make a body part bigger: if they have cellulite there before the procedure, then it will be there afterwards, too,” Dr. Rollins revealed.

“People need to think about that or it will look bad like Kim’s. It’s very big, maybe too big. Fat was taken from her waist and put into her bottom. But it’s transferring problem fat to another area. Problem fat is problem fat wherever it is. It grows in the same way as it would in the place it was taken from. Kim has had two children, she has put on weight and then lost it, then gained it again and lost it again. It’s like blowing up a balloon and then letting the air out – there are ripples. No wonder it looks like that. She has everything going against her and there is nothing she can do about it – apart from get the airbrush out.” he added

Meanwhile, Kim, as resolute as always, has responded to the critics with her usual shrug.

“Oh and as for me you ask? …I’m just sitting here on the beach with my flawless body,” Kim wrote on Twitter.

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