Miss Chin claps back at critics amid her "daughter custody" dispute with Kiprich. See the screenshots inside!

, the mother of one of children, recently faced backlash after taking her dispute with the “Telephone Ting” deejay about their daughter to social media.

Last week, the artist’s baby mother took to Instagram to rant about her 12-year-old child, who she claimed was taken away without her consent last year.

Kiprich & Babymother Miss Chin Clash Online Over 12-Year-Old Daughter

She said that the child was sent to the United States to spend time with her father during the summer holiday but never returned as planned.

In series of clips, she also disclosed her past and current unhealthy relationship with the “Joe Grind” deejay, labeling him as a “sperm donor” and a “little hood.”

Several Dancehall fans have since bashed Miss Chin for spreading her personal business on social media, referring to her as the “devil” and a “disgusting gal.”

Chin subsequently took a screenshot of a critic’s comment and clapped back.

Kiprich Babymother Gets Attacked By Social Media Users Over Daughter Custody Drama

“Look to me like di whole a unu a gi dat man suck!!!! Me cant get tired fi block unu eno! When u come pan me page n write da book ya now a weh u did expect?! All of sudden me have nuff friends, nuff uncles😂😂 a who unu a try fool?! Everybody weh a stalk me page on behalf of kiprich!,” Miss Chin wrote alongside the screenshot.

“All a unu go suck unu madda! All a unu fi tell di man se fi tek weh d pickney wid out consent e wrong! All if ma bloodclat whore, dat na ntn fi do wid di fact se him tek weh di pickney😂 no like seriously kip a gi unu suck?!🤔😂 all a unu go to hell! What a way unu have time pon u unu hands, den dem se ma na no job😂😂 some a unu gal dont even know who rass breed unu muchless unu a come mek fake page a chat! Di man dem weh a defend kip a muss battyman!!! Cas no real man weh love woman n know di pain a woman go through would ever tolerate fuckery😂😆 SEE WEH LIKES N MONEY DO?! SEE WA GREED DO?! SEE WEH LIKKLE FAME DO?😂 UNU WI SELL UNU SOUL TO RASSCLAT! IF HIM NEVER HAVE A LIKKLE CHANGE, UNU WOULD NEVER GET INVOLVE! I HOPE WHAT FACE GOD MEK IT REACH UNU NASTINESS😜😏,” she added.

Some fans, who take side with Miss Chin, expressed that she has the right to have access to her daughter despite the nasty squabble between the pair.

Dancehall Fans Bash Kiprich Bababy mother Over Daughter Custody Dispute

“God bless the few nuh only watch fi criticize! God bless dem…. di ones weh have sense! Di ones weh fi hear! ,” Chin commented alongside the image.

“Smh me come n se di man take away my child without my consent & all he did was send a text from a year ago, flirting! Some a unu go suck unu mumma to cas unu sameone na buy his music, se him pepper light artiste! Unu se no n den se yes! Unu bipolar 😂😂😂😂 asf🤔😆 all di pussy dem weh a follow me! Lef u dirty comment mek me block u pussyhole😂 all when me a cuss out unu bumboclat me still happy!😝😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂😂😂😂 di dirty man can tell u, me dont have no shame! Just access i need to my daughter n me good! So di man DOG a question me daughter n have my daughter to call me, Saturday night to ask me stuff n argue! Dem already been doing a real good job as telling my daughter shit about me! Continue…. she already MINE & THAT TOO CAN NEVER CHANGE! A WALK ME WALK PON STEP!! Kay ano idiot, Mistreat Kaylia because Kip gone a England & mek him find out! Then u know which God u serve Bitch! We both cant stand each other, but we both love KayKay!” she added.

Kiprich has since told reporters that he is planning on dealing with the situation by going the “legal route”.

Miss Chin, who is currently promoting her new song “Ride Pon It,” has recently attacked several female Dancehall artists including Shauna Chyn, Stacious, Tifa, , D’Angel and heavyweight .

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