Koffee and Chronixx Collaborate With Ed Sheeran And Justin Bieber

Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber recruit Koffee and Chronixx for the official remix of 'I Don't Care.' Listen to the track now!

Koffee Chronixx Ed Sheeran And Justin Bieber New Song

and recently scored a huge collaboration with and .

The star and the Grammy Award-nominated singer has done a remix of the single, “I Don’t Care,” by British singer and the Canadian pop star.

Listen to “I Don’t Care” Remix by Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Koffee, and Chronixx.

Chronixx and Koffee took turns on the track to showcase their vocal and lyrical prowess as they harmonized to great effect on the infectious track.

Koffee recently opened up to Hype Beast about her creative process.

“I was speaking to someone and they were saying to me, nobody knows what to expect. If I’m about to drop a new song or a new project, nobody is sure what direction I’m going to go in based on where I started,” she said.

“When [I] get a track first, I sit and I kind of just get in my zone and listen to it over and over again and just feel how best I think suits the track and [I] try to complement it in the best way possible … Lyrics will come to me at times. I would probably [be] walking and something hit my head and once I have a chance I will write it in my phone … I’m definitely not closed to any genre at the moment because I am super young, I only have a few songs out and there’s a lot of exploring to do, a lot more work and experiences to gain, so, I wouldn’t box myself yet.”

In the past, both Justin Bieber and Es Sheeran tried their hand at Reggae sound so the two Jamaicans would be a perfect fit to the track.

Meanwhile, sources told Hype Life Magazine that Koffee is in the studio working on her full-length album, due in 2020.

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