Konshens Addresses People Calling His Wife ‘Ugly’

Konshens finally tackles fans who call his wife 'ugly' on social media.

is clapping back at social media users who are targeting his wife, .

On Sunday, the deejay took to Instagram to call out persons who took aim at Wright’s appearance over the weekend.

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In the first post, Konshens shared a photo of a unkown woman calling her his new bae.

“Hey guys meet bae!!! She say mi wife ugly, what you think?,” Konshens asked fans.

Konshens then chimed in on the second post of a another female.

“This is boo… She said my wife is ugly too!!! She is my fav.” he wrote.

On the third post, the Jamaican artist then bashed another user.

“I’m not a “real person, never said i was, never tired to be,” Konshens wrote under a selfie.

“I AM ME!! and i don’t have to try to be dat. [and] no affi explain nuttn to nobody. Who like me BIG UP. who nuh like mecan guh chuck inna unu big p***y mumma!!!” he expressed.

“Wid no exception of apology,” he added.

Konshens and Latoya, who reportedly had been dating for six years, got married at a private beach ceremony in Miami, Florida last year November. The couple shares a son named Liam.

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