Corey Todd and Konshens have parted ways with Konz876 shoe-line. Masicka has also split from Subkonshus Records.

Konshens And Corey Todd Split

And Split, Konz876 Shoe Line Discontinued

Corey Todd and Konshens have parted ways, leaving the Konz876 shoeline in limbo, in an amicable manner.

Todd, who manages deejay , has also split from the label Subkonshus Records.

“It’s not personal. Masicka is a hard-core dancehall artiste and he is concerned the image he is building will be damaged by being a part of Subkonshus; and as for me, the business part of the association was not working out, so we are going to discontinue the Konz876 brand,” Todd said.


The businessman says there are still plenty inventory which will be split and given to the principals.

“We still have a lot of inventory, and we will spit it up between the principals in the company, but the shoe line has been discontinued.”

Konshens, Corey Todd, and a third individual launched the Konz876 shoe line earlier this year. The company has stores in Kinsgton and Montego Bay.

Todd says all the partners involved have already hammered out an agreement.

“We have already hammered out an agreement, everything is resolved,” Todd said.

Dancehall deejay Masicka says his split from the label was amicable.

“Konshens and I are good. Konshens understands we just have different beliefs, he understands why I’m leaving and wishes me the best, ah just so it go. We did a few singles, but is all talk with him. Certain promises made were not fulfilled, plus him mek some shaky moves. For one, him invite certain deejay ah him annual treat weh him agree with me fi have a conflict with, ah no so the streets work. The ting look shaky bad and it ah affect my street credibility.” said Masicka.

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