Konshens flaunts his wife in a flirty video after critics slammed her looks. Watch the video!

is living his best life with wife and he is sharing some lovable moments of the two with his fans.

The artist recently addressed online trolls after they savagely targeted his spouse’s appearance.

The “Bruk Off Yuh Back” deejay took to social media to show off his wife’s amazing figure and how happy they are!

Watch the footage of Konshens and his wife flirting!

“She nuh wah show rouna back. A eediat innuh 😂😂😍😍😍😍💍,” he captioned the clip on Instagram.

Konshens and Latoya recently travelled to Ocho Rios for a quick vacation. While on their getaway, he filmed her curvy physique as they played around.

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The couple, who shares a son together, got married at a private beach ceremony in Miami, Florida last year November.

“In all honesty, I have been married for the six years now, being a one-burner man, but now I am married on paper,” Konshens revealed to media reporters earlier this year.

“Me actually married fi bout six years before innu, me just finally married pan paper, but I’ve been a one-burner,” he said. “I’m sure you might assume that I’ve lived life already where woman is concern, and I was in a position to make a sensible decision without a wonder if me a do the right thing. I know I was doing the right thing,” he said.

Having expressed satisfaction in his decision to tie the knot, Konshens applauded all his colleagues making similar moves. He maintains that marriage is a serious decision.

“Dog and puss nuh have the same luck. What is for a next man nuh must necessarily mean it is for you. I can’t use my experience and tell a man say dis is how it’s going to be for him if him decide fi make such a move. And me nah go look down pan him or look up at him if him a live a certain life or not. Every man must know weh him a do and why him a do it,” he added.

Konshens said that when a man makes his woman his wife, it “shows a different level a manliness”.

“It show a heightened thinking. Big up to all the artiste dem weh a dweet, and who nah dweet, dem anuh must likkle bwoy either; dem might just nuh like marriage, or dem nuh find da woman deh yet,” he said.

Konshens admitted that he does not necessarily keep his personal life private as he still engages in posting photographs of his wife. However, he said that he will shy away from posting images of two kids.

He said that another reason he tries to keep his family out of the spotlight is due to “crazy people.”

“[It is because] you have crazy people out there, so you have to watch what you post in terms of your family members,” he explained.

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