Labba Labba has confirms that he is not missing following his apology to Beenie Man after claiming the Dancehall star had Bogle killed. Watch the footage!

is not missing despite allegations that he has been absent from his community following controversy when he apologized for claiming that star was involved in the murder of dance legend Bogle.

In an impromptu interview with Dancehall sensation, LA Lewis, the veteran dancer confirmed that he is not missing as speculated by music fans.

Labba Labba Allegedly Missing After Accusing Beenie Man Of Killing Bogle

“I am alive and well,” Labba Labba said.

“I’ve been staying off the road for a couple of days now and I’ve been studying my music business. I’m well and I’m good, I stay inside my house mostly, I done come on the road too much enuh because from the other day, there have been a lot of things about whatever took place. So, I want to apologize to my fans all over the world. They are not seeing me but I’m good. Big up, respect to all my fans,” he added.

Peep the footage with Labba Labba confirming that he is “not missing” in LA Lewis interview.

Labba Labba, who has recently apologized to Beenie Man for accusing him of paying to have late Dancehall icon Bogle killed, was allegedly missing last week.

Several entertainers and other key industry players were reminiscing on Bogle’s immense contribution to dance in Jamaica while others were preoccupied with the rumor that Beenie Man had the dancer killed back in 2005.

The allegations started circulating again after Labba Labba’s video surfaced in August.

The rumors gained heavy attention to a point that Beenie  Man decided to address them during a television interview last month.

In that interview, the Dancehall artist emphasized that he has never been implicated in Bogle’s death and felt that if he was involved, he would have been charged.

The “Slam” deejay also expressed that Labba Labba has been rehashing the allegations and that the veteran dancer may even have been paid to do so.

However, in another clip which went viral on social media, Labba Labba explained that he was intoxicated during the video in which he accused Beenie Man of murder and said he had no idea he was being recorded.

“Listen people, me did a drink some Hennessy and me drunk and it get to me head, and one idiot man come and start video me,” he explained.

“Me never know him a put it pan YouTube and me go talk things bout Tristan Palmer and Beenie Man. A lie, me nuh know nothing bout that,” he said. “A drunk me drunk and me a beg dem please forgive me. Me apologize to Tristan and Beenie Man,” he added.

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