Lady Saw is asking her former Dancehall rivals Tifa, Spice and Macka Diamond to forgive her for past hurt she may have caused them.

, whose real name is Marion Hall, recently got baptised and is wasting no time where “getting it right with God and man” is concerned.

The former queen of bears it all, answering questions that well-wishers and critics have thrown at her since she gave her life to the Lord on Monday, December 14.

In an open letter, Lady Saw asked her former Dancehall rivals , and to forgive her for past hurt she may have caused them.

Lady Saw Ends War With Tifa, Spice and Macka Diamond 2015

“A few years ago, God was doing things for me. I got in the Spirit in Florida. I was doing so well trying to change my lifestyle. Satan rose up on me, but I wasn’t strong yet.

I went on Sting that year and called out another female deejay, and I behaved so badly. When I did it, I felt dirty within myself. The devil was smiling, but God wasn’t so pleased with me.

But even in that state, I begged God, “Don’t let go of me. Hold on to my skirt tail. Don’t give up on me.”

God has told me that this project will be bigger than me. God shall make me win souls for Him. I am honoured to be part of God’s flock. I used to be ashamed to say His name in the crowd. But now I am proud to call His name.

Two of my female rivals were at the funeral. God said I should forgive my rivals. I forgive them and ask for their forgiveness.

I love you, Spice. I love you Macka Diamond. I love you, Tifa. Forgive me if I hurt you. I let go of any animosity. We artistes were fighting for Satan. We wanted his crown. But our real crown is in Heaven for us.

What I was doing was not of God. Forget the devil and work for Jesus. Please, don’t take my joy, the joy that God has put inside me.”

Lady Saw recently declared that she cares “zero” about the potential earnings she stands to lose this holiday season because of her decision to become a servant of God.

The 43-year-old entertainer, whose given name is Marion Hall, confirmed on Wednesday (Dec 16) that she was booked for several shows locally and overseas this Christmas season.

She also shied away from questions about the amount of money she is turning her back on, saying instead that she wants the focus placed on her new mission of spreading the Word of God.

Hall, the undisputed queen of the dancehall for more than a decade, sympathised with promoters, especially those who had already been advertising their shows with her on the line-up, but made it clear she does not regret taking that step on Monday.

Lady Saw said she was already paying back some promoters the advance fees she collected, while trying to work out agreements with others to perform gospel songs in her vast catalogue as ‘Marion Hall’, ‘Minister Hall’ or ‘Evangelist Hall’.

With a string of local and international hit songs to her name and at the pinnacle of her career, the often-raunchy Lady Saw turned a new page in her life on Monday when she was baptised at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church in Kingston. It came after she attended the thanksgiving service for late entertainer J Capri.

Lady Saw, who was baptised before as a 12-year-old, said she always knew she would recommit her life to the Lord, and talked of several “intimate” encounters with Him.

She said she has already started to minister to other persons in the entertainment industry.

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